Hello, World!

It’s been an absolute age since I last wrote anything on my personal blog, in fact for the longest time my site has been down because honestly, life … but just like that, I am back!

Since then I have become a dad for the second time, I’ve held a role as a full-time backend developer for roughly 3.5 years, grown numerous beards, dabbled with an unhealthy number of Javascript frameworks, and switched editors more times than I care to count.

My plan is to start writing about a few things on this blog, PHP, Laravel, Vue, React, Tailwind the list goes on, but basically anything related to modern web development, I don’t have any particular agenda but I tend to ramble on twitter quite a bit, so this might be a better place to articulate my thoughts on meatier subjects.

I’ve recently moved back out of full-time employment and will be starting back freelance in the next week or so, this is a particularly exciting juncture in my career and some of the projects I will be starting to work on soon are particularly exciting.

Anyway, that’s enough for now, feel free to leave a comment and you can always catch me on twitter.

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