Matched Betting Monthly Report – April 2018

In this matched betting monthly report, I aim to post basically how things went down in the preceding month in terms of my matched betting activities.

As you know I haven’t been matched betting an awfully long time, just a few months and I even have some sign-up offers remaining on OddsMonkey.  The aim of these blog posts is to document my journey into the world of matched betting, that includes both the successes and failures.

April – Matched Betting Monthly Report

April was a strange month, mostly because I was in that odd place where I had just completed all the easy offers the month before and all of a sudden things started to feel a bit more cumbersome.

I was really still picking the low hanging fruit up until this point, and mostly the ones that didn’t require a huge bankroll.

I got to a point where some sign-up offers needed some large wagering requirements, I wanted to mostly avoid these for now since I was still trying to build my matched betting float and was a bit scared to win over and over again into the bookmakers and run out of exchange balance to lay off any wagering requirements.

So what did I try and focus on in April? Well, I guess you would say learning the ropes, this month was all about doing less of the sign-up offers and looking at all the other options to make money with matched betting besides the “Bet £x get £x” offers.

I focused mainly on

  • The more advanced sign-up offers
  • Bet Clubs
  • Football Refunds
  • Early Payout / 2UP offers
  • Odds Boosts
  • A couple of accumulators
  • Started reading up on slots
  • YouTube

Matched Betting Monthly Report

Sign-Up Offers

I started the month off doing some slightly larger sign-up offers, they seemed to be either the offers where you have a huge wagering requirement or the type where you have to place 30 single bets of £10.

The first offers I completed were comprised of wagering requirements, luckily I did two of these offers and both lost into the exchange at Smarkets right away, this was perfect as it meant I hit my profit immediately, I didn’t have to tie up any of my exchange balance laying off further bets, and in the process I also looked like a losing punter to the bookmakers.

I also started an offer with 188bet where I had to place 30 x £10 bets to qualify for a huge £75 cash bonus, this one was an easy offer and even better all of the first 15 bets I placed lost at the bookmakers, again making me look like a bit more of a losing mug, this offer was a great boost to the bankroll.

The lesson learned from the sign-up offers this month was that placing 30 x bets isn’t really that big of a deal, especially with OddsMonkey and Smarkets integrations, it’s pretty simple todo especially with a bit of gained confidence from doing so many sign-up offers previously.

Bet Clubs

Starting out with bet clubs proved to be valuable this month, I started with Coral, Paddy Power and SkyBet, these bet clubs are all really easy todo.

Skybet was just a case of placing one bet worth £25 at odds over 2.0 to qualify for a £5 free bet the following Monday, this took no time at all, especially after I created filters in OddsMonkey for my qualifying bet and then another to extract the profit from the free bet.

Paddy Power was just as easy, 5 x £10 bets at 1.5 or over, mostly on midweek football, they would then credit me a free £10 bet on the following Monday.

Coral, another easy bet club with a single £25 bet at 2.0 to gain a £5 in the next week.

All in all the bet clubs are really simple todo, I was going to look at some of the others but they seemed to be based around accumulators which I haven’t really dived into yet, mostly because I think there are better ways for me to make money over accumulators at the moment since my bankroll is still relativly small, once I have a float of £10,000+ I will probably be placing way more accumulators.

Football Refunds

These felt like my bread an butter this month, some of these were from the OddsMonkey daily calendar, but I would say the majority of them came from just the sheer volume of e-mails I get from bookmakers around the midweek and weekend football.  I did offers such as “double winnings if the crossbar is hit” and “£10 free bet if X scores”.

There seems to be a tonne of these floating around and I really hope that we have a lot of these going into the world cup.

The other types of football refunds I did were around the 2UP offers from Paddy Power and Bet365 …

Early Payout 2UPs

These could potentially be a huge bonus if we hit them, sadly I didn’t actually hit any double payout from the exchange and the bookmakers in a single game, but I did take part in around four or five of these offers.

Basically, if you bet on a team and they go two goals ahead then Bet365 or PaddyPower will pay out your bet there and then as a winning bet.  What we want to happen is for a team to go two goals ahead and then essentially cock it up so we get paid out from the bookmaker and the exchange on the same offer.

Although there are huge amounts to win I haven’t hit any payouts yet, the qualifying loss is a touch high in some scenarios, but it’s still worth risking something like 70p for the potential to win £300 – £400.

Odds Boosts

I jumped on a few of these boosts, and I mean jumped! – you have to be super quick to get on these as they appear and disappear fast!

It’s worth noting that I subscribed to the threads on OddsMonkey which alert the community when a new odds boost is available.

I want to jump on more of these in May (especially the William Hill Boosts), it just involves being on the ball a bit faster, a bit quicker placing and laying the bet and also understanding some of the other markets that are sometimes boosted.


I think I did one or two accumulators this month, my biggest problem with them at the moment is just the amount of money I have to tie up to make £5 profit, don’t get me wrong I think they are a great source of income and I will be hammering them further down the line of my matched betting career, but as of right now I can make my money work harder in some of the other types of offers that are available to me as a newbie.

The other problem I have with accumulators is that I found myself checking and laying bets off whilst on my mobile when I was out with friends and family, so this definitely needs more babysitting especially as they are a bit newer to me.


I didn’t do many slots in April, I think I won a grand total of £20 or something, I have since been researching them quite heavily to understand them further, in May I will be starting with the low-risk offers, then moving onto the medium risk offers with TopCashBack. (Updated May 2018 with a video below of my first venture into Slots, more in next months report).

Right now, 100% a learning phase when it comes to slots as they feel a little more “dangerous” and maybe lucrative.


April has been a great month for the YouTube channel, I am starting to feel like we are building a community now and definitely seeing a lot more numbers in terms of views and new subscribers.  I’ve been trying to get a video out at least once every 3 days on average, I can’t wait to get more content on the platform!


So in April I made …



I didn’t have a tonne of time as I was away in London for some of that with work commitments, there was also a fair amount of testing, learning and setting up in this month, not only with matched betting but also the blog and the YouTube channel.

I am happy with the profit and I am now aiming for £600 per month, May should be a little less hectic and a bit more planned so I hope to get some decent time in and hopefully clear up any remaining sign-up offers.

Plans for Next Month

So, what’s the plan for May?

  • Finish any remaining sign-up offers.
  • Do at least 3 bet clubs per week.
  • Do as many boosts as possible.
  • Keep hammering through the football refunds in midweek and weekend football.
  • Maybe look into placing more bets on horses and try not to get gubbed in the process.
  • Do more slots via TopCashBack and OddsMonkey (low and medium risk)
  • Get 400 YouTube subscribers 🙂

Catch you in the next one mates!



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