About Me

About Me

A little about me,  I am Richard I am an entrepreneur, web developer, Bitcoin enthusiast and wannabe life hacker.  This site is full of all sorts of stuff from development to tricks on how you can find additional ways to earn a side income, everything ranging from matched betting to bitcoin.

Using this site I will be documenting the methods that have worked, the methods that haven’t, warts n all.

I am a 40-year-old nerd who lives in Nottingham.  I also just so happen to live with my two dogs who are insane.  Reading books on personal finance and self-help is something enjoy.  I also read a lot of technical books on software and testing.

This site was created as a way to document various ideas I had, I started mostly with cryptocurrencies and started posting some content on my YouTube channel, but since then I have started to recognise that there are so many additional ways in which we can all make a few extra quid!

With this website, I want to share and document my journey in life.  By the way, I don’t actually smoke a pipe it’s just for contemplation purposes.


Richard Bagshaw